Thank you for choosing our safety sink. To guarantee long lasting satisfaction with your new sink the following instructions must be strictly adhered to.

During the first four weeks after removal of the protective film, the sink may only be cleaned with water. After this time only non abrasive, mild detergents can be used. Soft cleaning cloths are recommended.
Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, abrasive sponge pads, acidic or aggressive cleaning products. Do not leave materials that may stain in contact with the surface for extended periods of time.


To achieve a long lasting gloss it is recommended to polish the sink from time to time (every 4 months) with a suitable polish. Success with cleaners and procedures depend on factors such as water hardness and temperature, use the exact measurements as recommended in the cleaning formulas.



It is important not to exceed a water temperature of 149°F (65°C).


Unsuitable cleaning agents or abrasive powders cause the brilliant gloss to fade, turning the surface dull. 

Please notice that every remnant from hair dyes and/or solvents must be removed immediately.


Slight irregularities at the edges, color deviations and color shadows are typical and can not be avoided for production- related reasons. On the underside of the sink air bubbles and imprints can occur. These have no effect on the sink itself.

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