After my grandfather passed away, my grandmother remained in their home which they had shared for so many years. This was home to her and that is where she wanted to stay, no matter what. With age, she became more frail and began to suffer some balance issues. The inevitable eventually happened - she slipped and fell in her bathroom suffering painful injuries and causing a lengthy stay in hospital. According to the statistics, almost 85 % of all home accidents involving seniors occur in the bathroom.

Whilst my grandmother was still in recovery, my family and I started to investigate alternative and safer options including assisted living facilities, homes, etc. With an average monthly cost of $ 3,700 this was going to be difficult to afford. But more importantly I will never forget the look on my grandmothers face as we raised the option of assisted living with her. Leaving her home, her friends, neighbors and her privacy was just not what she wanted. No - grandmother was going to stay in her home so as a family we had to start looking at how to make her home, and especially her bathroom, safer.

Shower and tub solutions were easy to find (more than a dozen companies offer their products here) but it proved almost impossible to find a solution that would enable her to safely use her sink. There were plenty of wall mounted sinks available but none offered integrated safety handles where she could hold on. Instead, she would need to rely on grip bars that more often than not were too far away from where they were needed. 

Luckily, after a lengthy search, we came across the Safety Sink product line. We ordered the right sized sink to fit her bathroom and had it installed by a professional plumber. Grandmother just loved the built in safety grips and how she would not have to stretch to reach for a towel or a grab bar. In the years that followed she was able to remain in her home and even managed to persuade many of her friends to install a safety sink in their own homes. 

Installing the safety sink was probably the number one reason why my grandmother was able to remain in her home for those additional years. This is what ultimately inspired me to start my own business and share this fantastic product line amongst people who need a safe and affordable solution, ensuring their safety whilst maintaining an independent lifestyle.

Dana Prosser



Our barrier-free sinks are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of seniors, the disabled and those recovering from injuries. Safety Sinks provide wheelchair access and ease of mobility for seniors in their own homes as well as assisted living centers.


Safety Sinks are manufactured from the highest quality engineered marble (often called cultured marble) and coated with a high-quality gel coat. Integrated hand grips and/or pull rails ensure optimized functionality while providing stability and safety in the bathroom. 

Safety Sinks are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Every sink is hand polished during the manufacturing process to remove any sharp edges or rough surfaces.

Prosthetic Leg-


We are devoted to delivering a range of safety focused sinks which are not only designed to be ADA compliant, but sophisticated and stylish as well.

Our focus is to provide innovative, functional and aesthetically advanced wash basins for the private and public care sectors. Safety Sinks are designed for comfort, safety, optimal mobility as well as meeting all ADA compliance requirements.

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